RWAustralia’s Ripping Start competition

Hello my friends, and welcome,

A few weeks ago, I put up a blog that I was a finalist in the RWAustralia’s Ripping Start competition. Well, results came in and no, I didn’t win. I’d like to offer my congratulations to the top 3 place getters, and to we who didn’t make it, we gave it a shot. So congratulations to all of us for being brave enough to put our writing out there for others to judge.

Let me tell you, it’s difficult. Writing is so subjective. I’ve entered lots of competitions, and I do that for the critiques. And sometimes they are so hard to swallow, they hurt. But I’ve learned to read the judges’ comments, without the benefit of ego yelling in my ear. Pen and paper by my side, I make notes of constructive criticism offered. Most judges are kind in their wording, others not so much. And that’s okay. Just go through, find what works for you. The not-so-great ones sometimes offer nuggets of gold, so just trawl through. Use what you can. And never, ever give up. 

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