Writer’s Day Out

I’d like to thank Aditya from Scaled Design for getting this website up and running. I appreciate your skills and your patience. I’m not sure what I’m going to do with these blogs I’m writing. Not even sure what content they will hold. I have so many crazy thoughts running around my head, like, do I write a piece on police officers and my respect for them? Or do I talk about those who bring disgrace to themselves and the Police service? In my work in progress (editing almost completed.) My hero Mitch is AFDI, who has been seconded to the Sentinel Bureau, while recovering from injury. So, do I do a piece on Military Police and what their job entails? 

So many choices. 

This blog though, it’s about friendship. On the weekend, I had the pleasure of catching up with some of the wonderful writers I have met along my journey. Sharon, my crit partner, was down from up north, so we caught up with some other writing friends. Although I write Romantic Intrigue/Suspense, I work with a group of authors whose genres includes children’s, young adult, and fantasy. Such a diverse group offers assorted ideas.  

As a group travelling the path to publication, some are further along that well-trodden path. And we are thrilled to celebrate each other’s success. This weekend we not only celebrated being together, but we also honoured our beautiful Rebecca Timmis on the release of book two of four MerTales book, The Daring Reef Rescue. Rebecca is an author/illustrator, and her books are delightful. The writing is fun, and her character illustrations are magic. I have put the link to her website at the end of my blog. Go check her out. Oh, and some photos. What’s a great day with friends without a photo?

left to right: Rebecca Timmis, Karen Khal, Michaela Sanderson, Sharon Bonthuys, Rosie Miles, Marilyn Carey

Rosie Miles & Rebecca Timmis

Here is the link to Rebecca’s website. https://www.mertales.com.au 

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