Camping trip to Bundaberg

With a new year comes a new start. I’ve so many plans re writing and used this time away to think, plan and plot. I’m putting this post here, just to see if I can. As soon as I’ve worked out new website, more varied posts will pop up. I hope you enjoy my first day of campig.

Bundaberg camping trip.
January 2nd 2021

What I’ve realised today is that camping is so not my usual holiday choice. We used to do this when the kids were small and money tight. We loved it. So, with overseas travel on hold for a while we decided to go back to basics and do a camping holiday in beautiful Queensland, you know, Queensland beautiful one day, perfect the next. Whoever thought of that logo needs a pay rise.

Learned a lot of stuff or should I say remembered a lot of stuff. Main issue, leave early, have the car packed the night before and be on the road at 5 am. We left later that the original estimated departure time. And then stopped at garage bought ice and filled the tank with petrol. We drove as far as the gateway motorway and realised we were in trouble. Travelled well, till arriving on the other side of the gateway bridge. ‘Traffic congestion’ the flashing lights stated. Huge understatement. Huge. From the turn onto the M1, bumper to bumper traffic, for two and a half hours. A four hour trip to Bundy took nearly six. Grateful for the new car with brilliant air con. How life has changed. Our first trip here, years ago, old Holden wagon, windows down, music blaring, kids packed in along with camping requirements. Comfort not required.
Another change, tents. More gratitude. Two poles placed through hoops and it’s done. Didn’t even need the tarp for ground cover. Set up beneath a beautiful tree, hopefully not a widow maker, seems sturdy enough, Gazebo up, chairs and table, yup. Quickest set up ever. Not like the olden times, with ten thousand poles and heavy canvas and time consuming. No, I like these new tents. Have I mentioned the double height queen size, blow up mattress? Yup, how things have changed.
So grateful we are in a family friendly park packed with laughing, squealing kids, suntanned, togs and zinc- coated, running around playing tiggy, playing on swings, riding bikes, scooters, motorized at that. Tiny humans, being towed in little carts by mums and dads. Wonderful witnessing such joyful abundance.
End of day 1

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