I’m really going to do this.    

In February, I wrote what I believed was a very personal article re my attitude to my writing I stated that I was going to do a launch for my book Never Surrender, (did I mention I love that book?) Anyway, I thought it would be fun. In saying that, I had no idea how to host a face book party/launch. Thank heavens I’m resourceful. I’ve googled. I’ve asked others. So, the outcome is, I’m going to fake it till I make it. I’ll put up the date and send out invites within the next few days. What will we do at said relaunch, well, you’ll have to visit. I’ll put the details up here and on my web page. And I’m also going to twitter it and Instagram it. So, there we go. All sorta sorted.
When I spoke to a friend she suggested that I get some hard copies printed and do a launch at the local library or coffee shop. Never Surrender is available for print on demand. So, I’m looking into that. So, a busy few weeks coming up for me. In doing all this, I’ve wondered, does anyone else, after they’ve committed themselves to do something they have no idea how to do, think that they should keep their bright ideas to themselves?
I’m looking forward to hearing from you. Please leave a comment. The next thing I am going to do is attach an email to my web page. Anyway, that’s another challenge.
Live to write, write to live


  1. Thanks Barbara, it may be a bit later but it will be done by end of April. Sending out invites this weekend. I hope you can come along and have a champers with me.

  2. Yes…i have done that many times, Rosie, and my motto has been never look back. Take a deep breath and go for it…look forward to seein the results 🙂

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