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Years ago, when I joined my first writer’s group, I sat back, stayed quiet, kept my ideas to myself. One of the inspirational women that surrounded me asked where I kept my ideas, did I journal? I told her I had a book of crazy thoughts and dreams. She smiled at that, but said nothing. For Christmas that year she drew my name in the Secret Santa. I was presented with a gorgeous Gold A4 Notepad, inside, a poem written for me, titled, Rosie’s book for her crazy thoughts and dreams. She encouraged me to keep writing, the crazier the better. I still have the book, now inked throughout. So now through my blog, my crazy thoughts & dreams have a new lease on life. And it’s fantastic.


  1. Hello Arpy,
    What a coincidence indeed!!! Thanks heaps for leaving a comment on my blog, even though you weren’t looking for it:) I hope you found your Rosie Miles, funny how she was born in Oz and moved to the UK while, I did it the other way round. And that we’re both writers. I hope you had fun with your blogging tour. Life is a series of pathways and choices, I’m glad your path led you to my site. Thank you for your good wishes on my writing career and right back at you. Enjoy this road we’re both on, maybe we will meet one day. Ciao Rosie

  2. I don’t quite believe this! I was asked to do a ‘blogging tour’ by an old friend in the UK – from a completely different source to yours. So I am just about to post my ‘why I write’. Racking my brains for a fellow blogger I might introduce as the next link, I tried ‘Rosie Miles’. She grew up in Oz but has lived in the UK since childhood. And look what came up – incredible because (1) you are not the same Rosie Miles. (2) you have just posted as part of a blogging tour. I’m tickled by the coincidence – good luck with your writing and other projects!

  3. WOW, so so proud of you and all you have accomplished so far. I feel there is so much more you will achieve simply because of your dreams and crazy thoughts. Always sitting on the dock of the bay. Join me anytime.

  4. You go girl, wishing you all the best with your first novel. Always here to support you

  5. Yay on this next step of your journey, Rosie. I’m so happy for you. I love the crazy thoughts and dreams journal and glad it has led you to this point.

  6. Dana, thanks for your comment. Signing up for that first Bootcamp, meeting you all, was one of my best moves. I have learned so much from you all. Bootcampers Rock, forever.

  7. Rosie! Can’t wait to see more of your ‘crazy thoughts and dreams’ in your published books! Congrats on signing with Entangled and with your new website/blog! You’re awesome!
    Bootcampers Rock

  8. Crazy thoughts and dreams – that’s sensational! Hope your journey is everything you want it to be.

  9. Your crazy thoughts and dreams have led you down this incredible path of learning and skills development and now you’re going to be published. So proud of you. Can’t wait to read your book.

  10. Thank you my forever man. Without your support, I’d still be dreaming of what could be, where you always believed, it would be. With my love always.

  11. Barbara, thanks for your comments. My thoughts and dreams book has kept me sane over the years. Some of the stories in that gold book still make me smile. I enjoy writing freehand, pen on paper, I love it. Trouble is, my handwriting, as soon as my thoughts come faster, is absolutely dreadful. So often I’ve scribbled frantically as a fantastic idea has poured from me, only not to be able to understand a single word. I now keep my handwriting for my personal journal.

  12. Thanks Danielle. I agree, stories do make the world go round. As soon as I have the release date, I’ll be typing to everyone in capital letters.

  13. Sounds wonderful, Rosie, I look forward to the upcoming crazy thoughts and dreams! And do keep honing your craft with pen and paper as well as your computer…there’s nothing like reviewing your work as it was written (edits and all).

  14. Crazy thoughts and dreams indeed! Wonderful stories are what makes the world go around and I couldn’t imagine anything I’d rather be doing than writing. Looking forward to the release date for Never Surrender.

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