Hello, I’m Rosie.  I thought I’d share a little bit about me.  I was born in Glasgow, Scotland, and was dragged screaming and kicking to Queensland, Australia, many years ago. Although now, there isn’t anywhere else I’d call home, this beautiful world beckons me to travel and explore as many countries as possible. My next bit trip is to Tuscany. Why Tuscany you may ask. I have no idea, I just have an urge to see it. Oh and I’m learning to speak Italian, after all, when in Italy.

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From when I handed in my first essay in high school I fell in love with writing. I decided then I’d be a writer, I had no idea what I wanted to write, just that I wanted to. I always enjoyed reading romance and also relished a good murder mystery, so when I read my first Romantic Suspense Novel, I realised what genre I was going to focus on. Since then I have been working toward the goal of being a published writer. 

Now, I’m Rosie Miles, Writer. I’ve always wanted to say that. After years of being a WIT (writer in training), where I did courses in how to write, edit, world build, character creation, I have my first signed contract. A romantic suspense novel. Perseverance always pays off.

I belong to RWA Australia. They are a great source of information for all romance writers. They offer courses, competitions, conferences, writing buddies, friendship and encouragement. I have made life-long friends through being a member of this fantastic organisation. The first writing competition I won was through RWA. I still have my certificate, framed and on my wall. 

As I’ve traveled this often bumpy road toward publication, my marvelous crit group, The Belles, have pushed, prodded, encouraged, picked me up, wiped the tears and shoved me out onto the road, time after time. Each of The Belles is an amazing writing talent, also on the same path. Being part of this group has made the rejections bearable and the journey exciting and believable. They are my jewels, I treasure them. 

I also love to read. There are heaps of different authors, in different genres, who’s books I enjoy. Number one would have to be Karen Rose who writes thrillers. They are intense, complex and the characters in every story are so real, you feel their every emotion as yours.  Anne Stuart is another favourite.  Her characterisation is fantastic. I aspire to create such individual characters.  I also enjoy, Christina Brooke, Nikki Logan, Shannon Curtis, Danielle Birch, Fiona Greene and EE Montgomery.